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What are the Benefits of a Titanium Driver?

Ken Black
Ken Black

The titanium driver has revolutionized the golfing industry and the way many have come to look at equipment. Many of the scores and feats accomplished today, both by the touring pro and weekend warrior, would not be possible without modern advances in the equipment and materials used. The titanium driver is only one part, but a very important part, of this advancement.

One of the main advantages to a titanium driver is its light weight. In fact, weight is often added to the driver in order to give it some added bulk. However, the weight can be added at points that will be most effective for the player. This will help increase both distance and accuracy.

Titanium drivers are typically considered too expensive for nonprofessional players.
Titanium drivers are typically considered too expensive for nonprofessional players.

In some cases, the weight can be customized to stop different types of shots for taking place. For example, most golfers tend to either slice the ball, where it goes wildly to the right, or hook, where it goes to the left. Certain weighting of the club can help this situation. In some cases, the club will be weighted neutral, but screws can be removed from the club head in order to correct for any such problems.

However, while these are all advantages to the titanium driver, the biggest advantage is distance. When golfing, the driver is often the club of choice when a significant distance must be covered. Titanium golf drivers offer greater distance off the tee simply because the face of the driver can be thinner since the material is so durable. A thinner face means there is more flexibility and more propulsion on the ball, due to a trampoline effect.

While there is very little not to like about the titanium driver, there are some drawbacks. Among the most significant of the titanium driver disadvantages is the cost. The equipment is simply not affordable for most golfers, especially beginners, when compared to other types of drivers. Therefore, it may be difficult for many to ever compare what their game may be like with a titanium driver.

The other disadvantage is the length that can be attained even when a bad shot is hit. Due to the fact that titanium drivers will usually hit the ball farther, mistakes can be amplified. In some cases, a ball that may just be hit in the rough in some situations may actually end up out of bounds with a more powerful club. However, this is mitigated somewhat by the club's weighting and the fact a golfer may not feel the need to overhit in order to get more distance.

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@Terrificli -- You may change your tune if everyone in your golfing foursome has a titanium driver but you. When they consistently drive the ball farther from the tee than you can, you will be missing owning a titanium club.

And think about this. If golfers didn't adopt new technologies, we would still be using those old clubs that are far more difficult to use than what we have now. Frankly, I wouldn't want to use clubs with wooden shafts, wooden heads or any of that stuff.

There have been advances in golfing equipment over the years and titanium clubs simply represent another advance. No more, no less.


I have never liked titanium drivers because they just feel too much like cheating. People who use them magically get more distance and can adjust for problems such as a slice or hook by weighting the club head just right.

Gone are the days when skill led to distance and got rid of problems with a swing. I have never used a titanium driver and I never will.

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    • Titanium drivers are typically considered too expensive for nonprofessional players.
      By: JJAVA
      Titanium drivers are typically considered too expensive for nonprofessional players.