What is a Bike Trailer?

A bike trailer is a wheeled frame with a hitch system for transporting cargo or passengers behind a bicycle. It's a sustainable and fun way to extend your bike's utility, whether you're on a grocery run or an adventure with your little ones. Curious about how a bike trailer can revolutionize your cycling experience? Let's delve deeper into the possibilities.
Ken Black
Ken Black

A bike trailer is an implement that is connected to a bike that can hold a number of items. The most common use for a bike trailer is in the transportation of a child. A child bike trailer allows the child to be strapped in safely and is generally considered safe for use in some areas. However, there are certain risks.

A child bike trailer is a useful tool for those who wish to continue to travel to locations by bike, even after becoming a parent. The trailers usually come as a three point system that secures the child snugly for transport. In some cases, the seats are cushioned to give children the most comfortable ride possible.

Two young boys
Two young boys

Most bike trailers come with spoke wheels and many even come with shocks. This further adds to the comfort level of the rider. Those with added features cost a little more and likely will not matter to most children, who will consider the ride a treat no matter what.

In some cases, a bike trailer may be able to be adjusted to be used as a jogging stroller. This is yet another benefit for those who live active lifestyles. It saves from having to purchase one of both. To convert the bike trailer to a jogging stroller, a wheel is usually added to the front of the unit.

Attaching the bike trailer to a bike is usually done in a a couple of different steps. Usually, some sort of bracket coupling has to be attached to a section of the bike, as stated in the instructions. Once that is attached, putting the bike trailer onto the bike is usually as simple as snapping it into place. Often, the release is just as simple as pushing a quick-release button.

While there are some great advantages to a bike trailer, and it can help keep a family active, they are not for road use, especially on any type of a main road. While it may be acceptable within a subdivision development, where traffic is light and moving slowly, there are great risks otherwise. In case of an accident with a motor vehicle, the passenger in the bike trailer would be completely defenseless. Further, bike trailers are generally not recommended for infants, at least until they are old enough to walk.

Bike trailers, in some ways, are safer than other options used to transport children by bicycle, such as child bike seats attached to the back of the bike. These often change the center of gravity, which further destabilizes the bike. While this may not be a major deal, bike trailers generally keep the center of gravity the same, making for a more natural feel for the bike rider.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys