What is a Trail a Bike™?

A Trail-a-Bike™ is a unique cycling innovation that allows young riders to safely tag along with adults on bike rides. It's a half-bike that attaches to the rear of an adult bike, giving kids the thrill of pedaling while under the guidance of an experienced cyclist. Curious about how it transforms family adventures? Let's explore the journey together.
Ken Black
Ken Black

A Trail a Bike™ is a brand name for a child bike attachment that attaches on a regular bike. In actuality, it makes the bike, in effect, a tandem bike, though the attachment is not permanent. In these cases, it can be used when a child is going along and taken off when the bike rider wishes to go solo.

The ability to detach a Trail a Bike™ makes it a very flexible piece of equipment to own. It allows the individual bike owner to choose a single or, in essence, a tandem bike without the added expense and maintenance of having two distinct bikes. Thus, it can help save some money, especially given the price of some tandem bikes.

Young boy eating an apple
Young boy eating an apple

The kids' bike attachment also has another benefit, especially for young children. While many may be able to ride solo, road riding requires a certain level of experience and maturity that many children have not yet developed. Thus, the Trail A Bike™ is also a safety feature, allowing the adult in front to be entirely in control of the situation at all times. This should offer some parents peace of mind.

While there are other types of attachments that can be placed on bikes to allow an additional child rider, Trail a Bike™ has a number of advantages. First, the additional wheel on the bike helps keep things more stabilized. Also adding to the stabilizing factor of the Trail a Bike&trade is the fact that it puts the child at a much lower center of gravity. Third, there is an extra chain and set of wheels so that the child can also receive exercise and help carry the load.

A Trail a Bike™ is for children ages 8 and under, though smaller children in older age groups may continue to be able to ride. However, it is thought that once children are older than 8, they should be able to follow their parents' directions when out on the road. Introducing those under 8 to good cycling habits and the fun of the activity can spur a life-long interest in cycling.

As Trail A Bike™ was made with the family in mind, the design of the tandem attachment system has been carefully planned so that the needs of the family are met. For example, the Trail A Bike™ will fold down and easily fits in most trunks. Also, there are a wide range of models and colors to choose from, so every family should find something that works with their existing bicycles.

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@SteamLouis-- It might not be a worthwhile investment for you because your son has almost reached the age limit.

I bought a Trail a Bike for my daughter when she was four and she has been riding on it regularly since the past two years. She is six now and I think we will continue to use it for several more years. It was definitely a good investment for us. It has made family bike rides and camping trips easier and more fun.

The only downside is that it's important for the child to keep his or her hands on the handle. And the parent should not cycle to fast or take turns too fast or the child might fall. So although the equipment itself is reliable and sturdy, some safety precautions are necessary.


I like Trail a Bike too. I don't have one though because my son is seven and I'm not sure if this is a good investment for just one year. The attachment is not very cheap and if he can't use it after one year, then we will have no use for it.


I saw a mom and sun on a Trail a Bike today. I hadn't seen one before so it grabbed my attention. I think it's a very cool piece of equipment. Although the child's cycle is attached, it looks like one single bike.

I think this is a great idea and I'm considering getting one so that my husband and daughter can ride together. The little boy I saw on the Trail a Bike today seemed awfully happy. He was all smiles and he was cycling too.

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    • Young boy eating an apple
      Young boy eating an apple