What is Backgammon?

Backgammon is an ancient board game of strategy and luck, captivating players for centuries. With its blend of dice-driven chance and tactical piece movement, it offers endless intrigue. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, backgammon promises a timeless challenge. Ready to dive into its rich history and learn the secrets to mastering the board?
Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

Backgammon is one of the oldest games known to man. In fact, historians have uncovered evidence that a version of the backgammon may have existed as early as 3,000 BC. There is also evidence that backgammon was a popular game played by the ancient Romans. The modern-day version of backgammon has been played throughout the world since the 19th century. Amazingly, inhabitants of every continent have been enjoying backgammon for hundreds of years.

Backgammon is a board game requiring two players. In the game, the players compete with each other to be the first to remove all of their backgammon pieces from the board. A backgammon set consists of a board with 24 triangles, 30 game pieces, and two dice. Each player receives 15 game pieces, and they take turns rolling the set of dice to determine how they can move their pieces.

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Woman shopping

The game of backgammon is not difficult to learn. Nonetheless, it can become quite competitive and a number of strategies can be put into place to help ensure victory. Backgammon experts agree there are a few strategies that can help a person win a game, but those strategies must be learned and manipulated throughout the course of playing the game. Some of the strategies include learning how to build a "wall" of game pieces, "closing" the home board, and placing "anchors" in particular spots on the board.

It is common for a typical backgammon game to be very short, lasting only a few minutes. Because of this, players often decide to play a number of rounds of the game in one sitting. In this case, players keep score of the number of games won, playing until one player wins the predetermined number of games.

Backgammon is such a popular game that there are many computer versions of it as well. Computer backgammon has progressed in popularity over the past few years. This modern form of entertainment can be played with computer software or online, either against human competitors or against the computer at varying degrees of difficulty.

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