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What is Lobster Diving?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

Lobster diving is the sport of hunting for live lobsters in their natural environment. Since lobsters are nocturnal creatures, most lobster diving enthusiasts do their hunting at night. In this way, they can more easily locate the lobsters as they move from place to place along the ocean floor.

Since lobster diving is done at night, it is important for the hunter to have a power flashlight. The more powerful the light, the better, as it is the only light available while lobster diving. The light beam of the flashlight should be wide in order to better light up the ocean bottom, which is where the lobsters are often to be found.

Young boy eating an apple
Young boy eating an apple

The light is also a helpful weapon in lobster diving, because a bright light causes lobsters to freeze in place, though only momentarily. Nonetheless, this can provide the hunter with just enough time to pin the lobster. If the hunter attempts to grab the lobster, it will inevitably get away before it is grabbed. Rather, the lobster should be pinned to the bottom of the ocean floor with one quick movement.

While lobster diving, it is also important to wear a pair of gloves designed for the purpose. Depending on the type of lobsters being hunted, they may have pinching claws or spines along their bodies, and they bite as well. All of these dangers can pierce through cheap gloves and cut a person’s hand.

To capture a lobster while lobster diving, the hunter may also simply open a bag and let the lobster swim inside. This can be tricky for those who go lobster diving for the first time, however, because lobsters lead with their tails. As a result, they look as if they are swimming backward.

In most cases, lobster diving is far more challenging than simply holding a bag for the lobster to swim right into. In fact, lobsters often shove themselves into crevices, which makes them difficult to remove. When this happens, lobster diving experts often grab the lobster by the head and shake it around in order to throw off its balance and sense of position. By confusing the lobster, the hunter can sometimes get the lobster to release its hold within the crevice in order to remove it.

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    • Young boy eating an apple
      Young boy eating an apple