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What Makes a Good Poker Table?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

A good poker table is one that is conducive to playing cards. There are many qualities that differentiate a poker table from other tables, such as coffee tables and dining room tables, and make them a better choice for card playing.

The first important characteristic of a good poker table is the shape. In general, it is best for a poker table to be round. This way, several players can easily sit around the table and reach the middle, where game play may be taking place or where the kitty may be located. A round table also makes it easier to deal out cards, to see cards that may be laid face up on the table, and to reach cards or money located in the middle of the table.

Many people keep ashtrays on their poker tables.
Many people keep ashtrays on their poker tables.

A good poker table should also be made with a surface that is slick enough to allow the cards to glide easily across the top, without being so slippery that the cards slip off. If the poker table has a wood top, it should be finished with a lacquer in order to make it slick. It should not, however, be coated with polishers, as this will make the surface far too slippery. Rather, it should be cleaned with a wood conditioner in order to keep the surface long lasting, yet not too slick.

A good poker table also must be sturdy, as the players are likely to rest their arms on the table. In addition, they may place drinks, snacks, or ashtrays on the table while playing. The poker table needs to be sturdy enough to hold these items. It must also be large enough to accommodate these items, without being so large that it is awkward for the players to reach to the middle of the table.

For a poker table that is only used occasionally, it is also convenient if it is able to be folded. In this way, it can be easily put away for storage. A folding poker table should be easy to fold, without risk of pinching fingers. At the same time, it should snap into position easily when needed. It should also be lightweight for portability purposes.

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    • Many people keep ashtrays on their poker tables.
      By: Николай Григорьев
      Many people keep ashtrays on their poker tables.