What is a Flowlab Skateboard?

A Flowlab Skateboard is a unique innovation in street surfing, blending the fluidity of surfing with the thrill of skateboarding. Its distinctive design allows for smooth carving and a surfing-like experience on asphalt. With its ability to mimic ocean waves, it's a game-changer for thrill-seekers and skate enthusiasts. Curious about how it can transform your ride? Dive deeper into the world of Flowlab.
Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Would you like to “surf without waves, ride without snow”? That is the premise of the innovative design of a Flowlab Skateboard. It’s also the company motto. This creative design allows for optimum performance in skateboarding. Much like the flow of a snowboard through snow, the Flowlab Skateboard allows a greater turning limit than the average skateboard. Instead of roughly 25 degrees, a Flowlab Skateboard will “carve” over 45 degrees.

For those not familiar with skateboarding or snowboarding, or the lingo used by those who enjoy these sports, carving refers to the way the rider leans into and cuts turns. With 45 degree carving, the edge of the board is very close to the ground, and it allows for much greater agility. The Flowlab Skateboard design is essentially a simulation of snowboarding, built into a skateboard.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Who would come up with such a revolutionary design other than someone interested in skateboarding or comparable sports? Two people who happened to have an interest worked together to develop a better mousetrap, or in this case a better skateboard. Pieter Schouten and Mike Simonian were roommates, friends, fellow design students, and fellow snowboarding enthusiasts.

The two were disappointed with the skateboarding experience as compared to snowboarding. They decided there must be a better way to skateboard during warm weather or during times when riders turned to skateboarding because they did not have access to snow. Instead of typical — and limited — skateboarding, they believed they could incorporate the thrill and greater agility of snowboarding into a new skateboard. And, they did.

The Flowlab Skateboard was designed with a patented system that utilizes fourteen wheels and does not use rubber bushings found in typical skateboards. The lack of bushings decreases resistance met by the rider. It also prevents the wobble effect often associated with high speed skateboarding.

The Flowlab Skateboard brand didn’t stop with a new and improved skateboard either. Flowlab also has a board that is made to ride on snow. It resembles a skateboard with feet. Users can adjust the ski suspension in order to get just the right feel.

Since the prices are comparable to that of typical skateboards, many enthusiasts believe it is a product worth trying. Many people who have reviewed this product also say that Flowlab offers quality customer service and support. In fact, a good deal of helpful information is available on the Flowlab Skateboard website, including a toll free number to call.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips